If you need to send a device to Medident, PDF copies of the Medident Repair Form and pre-paid Freepost return labels can be downloaded from here.

Repair Form

Repair Form

The Medident Repair Form must be included when you send any item in for repair. The form records your details, information about the handpiece and details of the specific service required. We cannot commence service without this information and completion of the included Decontamination Certificate.

Medident Freepost Label

If you are sending a handpiece to Medident for the first time download a Medident Freepost Label and use your own packaging. When we return your handpiece it will be in a re-usable Medident Repair Box complete with a printed Medident Freepost Label which makes sending your next item for service so much easier.

Depending on how your browser is configured the files may open in your browser window or be automatically downloaded to the default download directory on your device.